Traveling by bus is not the uncomfortable journey it was just a couple of decades ago. With modern technology and innovative features, the charter buses of today are outfitted with almost anything you could need for a luxuriously comfortable ride. The next time you need to rent a charter bus, make sure to look for these features so that you can enjoy during the ride.


A major improvement in traveling by bus is the ability to use handheld devices. When you can connect your smartphone or tablet to a charter bus with wifi, you’re able to access social media apps, listen to music online, and read material on the Internet. You’ll likely want to take pictures of the scenic landscape as you ride in the bus, and a charter bus with wifi will allow you to immediately upload it to Instagram. With adults and young adults making up 49.9% of passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry in 2012, riding a charter bus with wifi is a top priority for many tech-savvy travelers.

Power Outlets

In order to keep your wifi-connected devices charged, a charter bus needs power outlets. Running out of battery is too common of an occurrence for many on a bus. When your smartphone runs out of power, you’re not only out of a source of entertainment but also your means of communication. Having a fully charged phone can be a matter of safety if you need to make an emergency call. A modern charter bus should have plenty of outlets to satisfy these needs, as everyone will likely need to charge at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Motorcoaches

The safety of our planet is at the forefront of the minds of many people across the country. Modern charter buses aim to be sustainable in their practices. This is namely done by lowering their carbon footprint and making the buses fuel efficient. By relying on charter bus travel more, passengers are also helping to reduce their carbon footprints. Compared to individual travel in cars, motorcoaches are much more environmentally friendly as they transport a larger amount of people.

Reclining Seats

While reclining seats are not a brand new innovation, the comfort of them in modern charter buses has only increased through the years. Ergonomic reclining seats allow passengers to relax comfortably and even catch some shut eye if they need. These seats often have adjustable footrests in front of them and tinted windows beside them for additional comfort. Reclining seats also allows for plenty of legroom, enhancing your comfort throughout the bus ride.