Special occasions is full of interruptions – whether errand based, or fund based – and within the large number of activities that usually consume our schedule during this time, we would like to ensure that we are able to be as calm and cozy as feasible. On the other hand, with all the insanity in our crowded routines, the risk of encountering a lock based mishap like key-loss or lockout raises significantly. Lock issues are merely the ultimate thing people wish to cope with this time around of year, and that’s why we, the commercial and residential lock experts here at Dubai Locksmith 24/7, put together this list of things you can do in order to avoid having to call your local locksmith Dubai  this Holiday Season.

Key Routines

Lockouts are a typical happening amongst the interruptions of the Holiday Season, happening during buying trips or actually after a holiday party. Whilst receiving immediate lockout there’s help as simple as making a rapid call to Dubai Locksmith, we all know you’d rather avoid needing to achieve this completely. So produce a key routine! Attach a lanyard or even an electronic tracker keychain to all of your keys.

Restore Locks that are Causing Problems

Cold temperature can cause, or exacerbate existing lock issues. We quite often acquire refers to this as time of year to provide key replacement or key rekeying because of difficulties with keys or exterior locks. For those who have a lock that’s been behaving out or getting stuck, this is actually the ideal time to repair it. The continuing descent of temps will raise the chances that you’ll encounter lock or key issues like damaged keys or frozen locks. A great way, instead of attempting to thaw or draw out your keys by yourself when this issue happens, is to speak to a trusted locksmith service beforehand to steer clear of suffering this issue all-together.


Re-keying your lock is an incredible idea to start this new year, in particular when you’ve often left keys with friends and neighbors through the years. It’s entirely possible that these trusted folks are failing to take care of their safety and that by some means your keys have dropped into the hands of criminals and also require made copies of them. This is a great possibility to rekey your locks, a straightforward operation that only changes the lock tumbler, providing you with a whole new set of keys and rendering existing ones unuseable. .